Art Dimensions: Art Installations All Around Town

The Evoke process continues to highlight creators of all kinds who devote themselves to creating new venues for artists. Art installations can be enduring, but often run like a Broadway show for a limited time, and then are replaced or redone in new locations.

Regional Arts Commission St. Louis

Davide Weaver began Art Dimensions in 2000, a startup created to connect artists to audiences in St. Louis neighborhoods.

Art Dimensions provided spaces for artists to show their work and actually create work while audiences were listening to music in pubs, galleries and restaurants. Over the years Art Dimensions created installations all over town, ending up on the second floor of the showcase nightclub 2720 Cherokee. This novel spectacle: watching an artist paint a canvas amidst a crowd enjoying a concert benefited artists and art/music lovers alike.

At its peak, Art Dimensions sponsored shows in three main galleries and fourteen off-site locations, including architecture firms, medical and dental offices, cafes, the World Trade Center in Chesterfield and the downtown mall at St. Louis Centre. Davide envisions the Art Dimensions concept continuing in many spaces around St. Louis, with support from funding organizations infusing life into unique spaces that each have their own history. Installations require a huge effort of time and energy and are usually temporary. Events centered around installations combine different forms — painting, sculpture, dance, music, poetry, theater — and then move on to the next venue or festival.

Davide Weaver World's Fare

Davide Weaver World’s Fare

Davide’s newest brainchild is St. Louis World’s Fare Heritage Festival, an annual celebration of art held in August at the World’s Fair Pavilion in Forest Park. Performers on stage, and artists displaying and selling their work in lavish booths, demonstrate that art is good business. Tremendous excitement is created when energy is focused on a multitude of art forms, with history and heritage in mind.

Davide envisions art spaces in multiple neighborhoods, with devoted leaders themselves constructing new stages for new audiences, all year round.

“Each space has its own history, its own art forms and audience, and it’s always a very different experience, depending on where you are. If an underfunded group driven by pure passion can do it, imagine what a funded organization can do.”

Davide Weaver World's Fare