Be Heard — Help Create The Downtown St. Louis Public Art Plan

Downtown St. Louis is one of our region's most recognizable destinations. But how would you like to see public art transform the city and add to our community?

Regional Arts Commission St. Louis

Help us to shape the future of public art. A thoughtful approach to murals, sculptures, artist-designed infrastructure and public spaces as well as events help to craft experiences in our city.

We are collaborating with Downtown St. Louis, Inc. and Explore St. Louis to develop a Downtown Public Art Plan. This plan will outline not only the vision for public art Downtown, but also the goals and key opportunities for projects and initiatives. It will provide a framework for identifying the resources needed and define procedures for decision-making and oversight.

Here is how you can help us: We need, and want, to hear from you.

You can help us shape the future of public art in Downtown St. Louis by taking our short survey HERE. By sharing your thoughts and vision, you will help us to better understand where art would have the strongest impact and how these projects could create a sense of community, pride and engagement. The survey runs through December 12th, so be sure to fill it out, share with friends and spread the word.

In addition to the survey, you can join us in person.

We would like you to join us at EVOKE: An Exploration of Creativity and Community on December 2nd. This interactive workshop will uncover how public art can help improve the livability, vibrancy and economic vitality of Downtown St. Louis.

Event Details:

December 2nd
9:00 am – 12:00 pm
Morgan Stanley Event Space @ T-Rex (5th Floor)

Space is limited, so be sure to RSVP to

Be a part of the imagining process and help us to shape, create and build the Downtown Public Art Plan that you want to see.