Public Art Provides Beauty & Space for All

The Evoke process moves on to the Via Partnership, a public art consulting group that develops public art strategies and facilitates public art projects.

Regional Arts Commission St. Louis

Currently in motion is the Downtown St. Louis Public Art Survey which will inform and illuminate downtown public art development. Everyone is encouraged to participate in the online survey.

We discussed the downtown project with Meridith McKinley of the Via Partnership.

Why are we doing a public art plan?

Citygarden, an urban park and sculpture garden completed in 2009, opened people’s eyes to the possibilities of creating art installations that improve the downtown experience for those who live, work, or visit. Children play and adults enjoy the sculptures and bucolic environment at Citygarden. This successful partnership of the Gateway Foundation and the City of St. Louis beautifies and provides a playful environment for the downtown mall.

Continuing in this spirit, the public art plan will help chart a course to develop new art projects, to be experienced by a wide range of audiences. A plan allows the community to take a step back and assess the public spaces, to create environments that everyone will enjoy. Individual opinions are valued, along with aldermen, arts organizations, and attendees at the December 2nd Workshop:

Imagine Art Here – A Collaborative Public Art Workshop for Downtown St. Louis

EVOKE: An Exploration of Creativity and Community

December 2nd
9:00 am – 12:00 pm
Morgan Stanley Event Space
@ T-Rex (5th Floor) 911 Washington Avenue
Space is limited, so be sure to RSVP to

What are the outcomes of the Downtown Public Art Plan?

The plan will answer the important questions: who, what, when, where, why, how?

Who: Citizens, planners, artists, volunteers and funders.

What are the goals for the spaces?

When will the projects be started and completed?

Where will the projects be created?

Why: The impact on the city and people who live, work, and visit there.

How: Bringing together the people who will create the works and those who will fund it, to develop goals and priorities that will make the project a great success for St. Louis.

The Downtown St. Louis Public Art Plan includes everyone who lives, works or plays downtown, and the many agencies devoted to the region—Explore St. Louis, Downtown STL, the Gateway Arch (with new landscape), CityArchRiver, Arts in Transit, creative agencies, galleries, cultural organizations.