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Ra’Geen Washington & Andrea Jarrett, Saint Louis Symphony

The cool thing about music is that it allows me to collaborate with others, which is why I applied to the St Louis Symphony’s Extra Credit program.

It provides teachers a chance to earn a little overtime by playing with the symphony musicians. Andrea and I hadn’t met until then, but we got a chance to collaborate and create work that attracted a really good crowd from the community and perhaps the next generation of musicians. I hope that Extra Credit continues to be a community partnership. It was really special.

— Ra’Geen Washington

Ra’Geen said, and I agree, that when it comes to music, learning is never done.

The music we performed together for Extra Credit was challenging. It wasn’t like, “Okay, I’m just going look at this once and we’re good.” You had to work at it — the educators and the musicians. And, it was cool that we took the time and we prepared for it. The idea of art is to make it look effortless. And I love that we get to do that. Then when people ask, “How do you do that?,” Well, now I have an in to show you my world. I get to show you this is a career — a daily process. I’m building on what I took from yesterday to create something that will motivate someone else, be shared with someone else, or simply educate someone else.

— Andrea Jarrett

Ismael “Miles” Dela Cruz, Chouteau Greenway Project

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